BREAKING: GOP Announces OUTRAGEOUS Decision On Special Committee For Russian Hacking – Prepare To Be ENRAGED!!

This is OUTRAGEOUS, although not a surprise.

On Tuesday Se. John McCain said that Congress will most likely not form a select committee to investigate the influence Russian hacking played in the 2016 elections.

“Without the support of the leadership, then I would imagine it won’t [happen],” McCain said. “But we’ll move ahead in the Armed Services Committee, and I’m sure other committees will.”

Despite bipartisan support for the idea, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has voiced his opposition to creating a special committee, insisting the investigation should be left to the Intelligence Committee.

Now remember, when Benghazi happened, the investigation was enormous, and cost upwards of $10 million, and found no wrong doing whatsoever.

And yet ALL OF OUR intelligence agencies have said with 100% certainty that Russia was involved in hacking the elections.

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