BREAKING: Release Of Intel Report Into Russian Hacking Imminent, Wikileaks FREAKING OUT And DOESN’T WANT THE REPORT RELEASED

Thursday night NBC gave “an exclusive, inside look” at the intel report connecting the Russian government to breaches of the Democratic National Convention and other groups and individuals during election season sourced to two intelligence community sources.

The NBC broadcast included claims that Russia attacked the White House and that Russian had dual motives in the attack: disrupting the presidential election and exacting revenge on the Obama administration for attempting to delegitimize Russian President Vladimir Putin throughout his administration.

The release of the declassified report is imminent, and coming sometime today, Friday.

Wikileaks is against this, tweeting:

Mind you, Wikileaks is calling out someone for LEAKING something. Pot/Kettle?

Regarding the report, Rep. Nancy Pelosi said that the intelligence community has reached “stunning” conclusions about Russian hacking leading up to the November elections. “It was really quite a stunning disclosure,” Pelosi told reporters in the Capitol.

Pelosi lamented that much of the report will be withheld from both the public and most members of Congress. Friday’s briefing involved only eight lawmakers: The top leaders from both chambers, and the leaders of the House and Senate Intelligence committees.

Pelosi said:

“Later in the day, some of the report will be released to the public. I would hope that we could get more. I know we have to respect sources and methods. But I think that even Congress has the right to know more than they want to disclose to Congress, beyond the Gang of Eight.

“So this will be interesting in terms of what the disclosure is, of this report. But suffice to say, it’s stunning in its conclusions, and you’ll see some of it.”

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