BREAKING: GOP Leader Lindsey Graham Is DONE! Breaks With Party & Vows To TAKE DOWN TRUMP [DETAILS]

Lindsey Graham is one p*ssed off Senator, and he’s done keeping quiet.

The aftermath of the Russian hacker scandal has just begun. Many politicians view this scandal, which plagued our election, as a threat to democracy. And, even worse, just the beginning of what could materialize into a cyber war down the line.

Despite this reality, Republicans would rather sweep this mess under their rug, than address it head one. Sure, Trump’s questionable rise to President might be scrutinized more heavily under a formal investigation, but as the president, he should be forced to address this grave matter.

Senator Lindsey Graham wants to attack this issue with the fervor it deserves. His recent comments indicate the Senate feels strongly that the Russian government was undoubtedly involved in influencing our election.

On CNN, Graham commented, “there are 100 United States senators. Amy Klobuchar is on this trip with us. She’s a Democrat from Minnesota. I would say that 99 of us believe the Russians did this and we’re going to do something about it.”

He goes on to insist that Russian President Vladimir Putin will face sanctions brought on by the senate. In other words, the senate plans to hold Putin accountable for his actions.

“We’re going to put sanctions together that hit Putin as an individual and his inner circle for interfering in our election, and they’re doing it all over the world and not just in the United States.”

Do you think the Russians helped Trump win?

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