WATCH: CNN’s Jake Tapper CRUSHES Kellyanne Conway REPEATEDLY Over Trump’s Denial Of Russian Hacking (VIDEO)

Kellyanne Conway appeared on CNN’s State of the Union, where host Jake Tapper asked her about Donald Trump’s response to the intelligence that Russia meddled with the 2016 election

Tapper began by asking Conway about whether Trump will admit that Russia launched an active campaign to undermine Hillary Clinton during the election. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper voiced his suspicions of Russia last week, though Conway argued that Clapper said at the time that “any attempt, any aspiration to influence our elections failed.”

Tapper pointed out that there was a difference between penetrating voter machines and hacking political networks in order to influence the thinking that drove the election. Tapper also noted how frequently Trump cited the leaked emails obtained by WikiLeaks when he was making his case against Clinton in the election’s final months.

Tapper said, “How can you say that the hacking had no impact on the election, when Mr. Trump kept invoking WikiLeaks which was printing, publishing things that the Russians had hacked?”

Conway said Trump’s team didn’t need WikiLeaks to release their Democratic National Committee email collection in order to win. Tapper kept pressing Conway about how often the Trump campaign brought up WikiLeaks’ information, and eventually, Conway suggested that Americans should actually be infuriated that NBC received confirmation about the contents of Trump’s intelligence briefing before the president-elect sat down for it on Friday.

Trump suggested last week that Congress ought to investigate NBC over how they became privy to information from the intelligence community.


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