BREAKING: Jared Kushner Drops BOMBSHELL About Trump In New Interview – This Will Infuriate You! [READ IT HERE]

Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, personally told friends that Donald Trump didn’t really believe some of the more outrageous claims he was making, according to a new New York magazine profile.

“Back when Trump was spinning birther conspiracy theories, which were lapped up by gullible Republicans, one person who talked to Kushner says he offered assurances that his father-in-law didn’t really believe that stuff,” the report says.

Kushner, a key adviser to Trump, is expected to play an influential role in the new administration and is reportedly taking steps toward preventing conflicts of interest from his own real estate business dealings. It’s unclear whether he and wife Ivanka Trump will hold official positions, but Trump’s team is confident that, at a minimum, the President-elect’s daughter and son-in-law can act as informal advisers once he’s in the White House.

So the whole birther thing was just for press, to get his name in the news. What does that say about Donald Trump??

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