HERE WE GO!! China Sends First THREAT Against Donald Trump – IT’S GETTING SERIOUS!

On Sunday a state-run Chinese tabloid warned Donald Trump of “revenge” if he fails to abide by the one-China policy.

The warning, from the Global Times, came as the Taiwanese president met with U.S. lawmakers despite strong objections from Beijing. A photograph tweeted by Texas Governor Greg Abbott shows him meeting Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, with a small table between them adorned with the U.S., Texas and Taiwanese flags. Tsai also met Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

China has repeatedly warned Trump about sticking to the one-China policy in recent weeks, stressing again and again that Taiwan is a part of China and not a sovereign nation.

“Sticking to (the one China) principle is not a capricious request by China upon U.S. presidents, but an obligation of U.S. presidents to maintain China-U.S. relations and respect the existing order of the Asia-Pacific,” the newspaper wrote.

“If Trump reneges on the one-China policy after taking office, the Chinese people will demand the government to take revenge. There is no room for bargaining,” it said.

Trump, who vowed to take a hard line on China throughout his campaign, broke with diplomatic tradition last month by accepting a phone call from Taiwan’s leader, a move that was later reported to have been planned for weeks in advance. The phone chat infuriated Chinese authorities and prompted numerous warnings about the one-China policy.

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