WATCH: Anderson Cooper RIDICULES Donald Trump For His SILLY Meryl Streep Tweets – THIS IS HYSTERICAL!

On CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, Kayliegh McEnany tried defending Donald Trump’s attack on actress Meryl Streep, but Anderson Cooper wasn’t having it, and he drew the line at Trump calling the most decorated actress of her time “overrated.”

After McEnany fought with the members of the panel who insisted that Trump had ridiculed New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski who is disabled, with the Trump booster insisting, “that’s a subject of debate,” Cooper weighed in with his own problem with Trump’s widely derided tweet.

“My point is that his comeback is ‘She’s overrated’ is like,” Cooper said. “Really? That’s what the comeback is?”

CNN regular Kirsten Powers jumped in to add that Trump’s tweet was “adolescent.”


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