WATCH: Kellyanne Conway Gets Into FIGHTING MATCH With Anderson Cooper – REFUSES To Tell The Truth! (VIDEO)

Wednesday night CNN’s Anderson Cooper battled with Kellyanne Conway over CNN’s coverage of unsubstantiated but potentially damaging claims about the Donald Trump’s connections to Russia.

“I know CNN must be feeling the heat today of having a headline yesterday at around 6:30 p.m. that said, quote, ‘Intel chiefs presented Trump with information that Russia had information to compromise him,’” Kellyanne Conway told Cooper on CNN’s “360.” “That is just false.”

Cooper and Conway went back and forth about how CNN and other news outlets handled the claims. Cooper said Conway was confusing CNN’s coverage with that of BuzzFeed, which published a 35-page dossier containing allegations about Trump in full.

“I’m conflating nothing,” she retorted. “I just know what CNN did.”

“Anderson, you know, you’re a responsible journalist. You’ve gone all over the world and you’re widely respected. It’s not true.”

Cooper defended CNN’s report, first published Tuesday night.

“I think you guys are feeling the heat,” he told Conway. “[Our report] was actually backed up by not only multiple sources but other news agencies.”

Conway then retorted by dismissing the credibility of unsubstantiated accounts linking Trump and Russia.

“What heat do we feel?” asked Conway, who is Trump’s incoming counselor. “That you’ve got this raw information, this complete ridiculous fake news?”

“It has not been backed up by credible news sources. Actually, it’s just fake, it’s not even news, I can’t even use ‘news’ for it.”

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