The Wall Street Journal just questions Trump’s manhood in the most glorious of ways…
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They criticized Trump for looking “small and insecure” during his visit to the CIA. They did give him some credit, saying it was a “smart move” to visit the CIA his first full day in office, but they also believe the Trump administration will need to “raise their game if they want to succeed at governing.”

The Journal felt it was imperative for Trump to iron out any “misunderstandings from the campaign and transition” resulting from the leaked and still unverified dossier containing risque information on Trump. During the whole debacle, there were times when it seemed like Trump pointed a finger at the CIA. Trump did a great job of covering up his tracks and expressing respect for everyone in the agency.

The Journal then went on a tangent trashing Trump in the following comments:

“Mr. Trump also couldn’t resist turning the event into an extended and self-centered riff about the size of his campaign rallies, the times he’s been on Time magazine’s cover and how the ‘dishonest’ media misreported his inaugural crowds.”

“He all but begged for the political approval of the career CIA employees by suggesting most there had voted for him. Such defensiveness about his victory and media coverage makes Mr. Trump look small and insecure.”

The Journal feels that Trump made everything about him instead of the CIA.

“Mr. Trump may think he’s succeeded by breaking the normal rules of politics and that he can keep doing it. But he’s now President, and Americans expect a level of seriousness and decorum that is consistent with the responsibility of the office. He should meet their high expectations, not live down to the media’s.”

President Trump can not get past the media showing an empty field at his inauguration. He continually stresses that he had a “massive field of people” in attendance:

“I get up this morning and I turn on one of the networks and they show an empty field. I said wait a minute, I made a speech, I looked out, the field was, it looked like a million, a million and a half people. They showed a field where there were practically nobody standing there.”

Will Trump ever take all the focus off himself?