HOLY CRAP! Iran Immediately Retaliates After Trump’s Muslim Ban – This Is About To Get UGLY!

Iran fired back hard after Trump enforced his “Muslim ban.” The new President was not ready for the blow either.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry labeled Trump’s ban “a flagrant insult to the Muslim world.” The Iranian government is not taking the macro ban lightly and does not want to receive a bad reputation because of a few bad apples.

Iran is stressing how Trump’s ban will ultimately aid terrorists instead of keeping them out:

“The United States administration’s decision to impose a ban against Muslims’ travel to the US – though for a temporary three-month period – is a flagrant insult to the Muslim world, specially the great Iranian nation; and despite claims about confronting terrorism and protecting security of the American people, it will be recorded in the history as a great gift to extremists and their sponsors.”

The statement continues…

The ban “has targeted the Iranian people and is an obvious insult to each and every member of the Iranian nation.”

United States citizens are now banned from entering Iran. Trump is burning bridges and creating havoc internationally without thinking first. U.S. courts had no choice but to shut Trump down after Iraqi citizens were detained at JFK airport.

Trump had already given his nasty opinion on the 2015 agreement Obama negotiated with Iran. The agreement was meant to curb Iran’s nuclear program. Trump is now burning down the house that Obama built.