Latest Poll Gives Trump WORST NEWS IN ELECTION HISTORY! Becomes First President Forced To Give Up…

Often times during the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump started off his boisterous rallies by mentioning the day’s latest polling information. Trump is infatuated with information that makes him look heroic, so much so, he can’t live without it. Trump may be the king of finding the information which supports him, but he failed in numerous areas – including his taxes.

Trump made the maverick decision not to release his tax information during the campaign. Breaking decades of campaign tradition had no effect on Trump. Fortunately for Trump, the move is legal, but what is he hiding? Trump bought himself time by using a brilliant excuse saying he would release the information once the IRS finished their audit. Well, the audit was complete bologna. By the time the truth became public knowledge, Trump had already slipped his way through the cracks.

Now the request to see Trump’s taxes has risen back to the surface, and new polls show that Americans are dying to see his taxes. The ABC News poll indicates that 74% of Americans are interested in seeing his taxes. The kicker is 53% of the 74% are Republicans. In total, 89% of Democrats want to see his taxes.

Will Trump reveal his taxes or not?