CONSERVATIVES IN SHOCK: Kellyanne Conways Just Got TRAGIC News

Kellyanne Conway just broke a major White House rule and it might cost her the position she has with Trump.

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The chairman of the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, is upset with Kellyanne Conway’s recent appearance on Fox News because Conway used the airtime to promote Ivanka Trump’s clothing line.  Chaffetz is calling her actions “clearly over the line” and “unacceptable”.

Rep. Elijah Cummings is demanding “disciplinary action” be taken against Conway for her violation of government ethics rules.  Conway broke the rules when she said, “go buy Ivanka’s stuff” during her appearance on Fox News.

Nordstrom discontinued Ivanka’s clothing line due to poor sales performance, but others think they made the decision due to her father’s erratic and controversial behavior.

Conway’s commercial of sorts spurred Cummings and Chaffetz to pen a letter to the White House recommending disciplinary action be taken against her.  They believe she violated ethical standards.

Their recommended disciplinary action choices include “reprimand, suspension, demotion or dismissal.” Do you think Trump will discipline Conway or let her off scot-free like usual?

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