NIKE Has Finally Had ENOUGH! Just Did What No Company Dared To DO – Trump Is FURIOUS! [DETAILS]

The best athletes in the world teamed up for Nike’s new ad.  The theme of the commercial is “equality.”  The narrator opens the ninety-second long ad saying, “Is this the land history promised? Here, within these lines, on this concrete court, this patch of turf. Here, you’re defined by your actions” while photos of tennis courts, football fields, and basketball courts flash on the screen.

The narrator continues:

“Not your looks or beliefs. Quality should have no boundaries. The bonds we find here should run past these lines.”

Tennis great Serena Williams then appears with MVP basketball players Kevin Durant and “King” James.

The narrator then delivers a powerful quote:

“Opportunity should not discriminate. The ball should bounce the same for everyone. Worth should outshine color.”

King James then speaks following the narrator:

“If we can be equals here,” said the narrator.

“We can be equals everywhere,” said Lebron James.

The ad closes portraying the phrase:

“Equality has no boundaries.”

The Grammy’s will unveil the new Nike ad. reported it will also play at the NBA All-Star game.

See the full commercial below:

Did you get the goosebumps?

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