Watch Fox’s Chris Wallace Give Reince Priebus a GIANT BEATDOWN Over “Fake News” Claims – This is a MUST SEE VIDEO

Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, recently appeared on Fox News to justify the Trump administration’s “fake news” claims.  The conversation got heated fast, and Chris Wallace blasted Priebus HARD.

Wallace opened the argument during “Fox News Sunday”:

“He said that the fake media, not certain stories, the fake media are an enemy to the country. We don’t have a state-run media in this country. That’s what they have in dictatorships.”

Priebus defended his team’s claims:

“It’s not just two stories. Then, it’s followed up by 24 hours a day, seven days a week, of other cable stations, not necessarily Fox, that all day long, on every chyron, every seven minutes, they’re talking about Russian spies. Talking about the intelligence community. Talking about how me and Steve Bannon don’t like each other and what’s Kellyanne [Conway] doing. All this just total garbage. Unsourced stuff.”

Priebus then shifted his anger to The New York Times and referenced their story regarding members of Trump’s campaign contacting Russian intelligence.

He said, “I think you should in some cases, or in most cases, actually have a named source.”  The report cited “four current and former American officials.”

Wallace responded, “Here’s the problem, when the president says — that we’re the enemy of the American people, it makes it sound like if you’re going against him, you’re going against the country.”

Priebus continued:

“Some of these things were covered. But you get about 10 percent coverage on the fact that you had a very successful meeting with Bibi Netanyahu, the prime minister of the U.K., the prime minister of Canada…but then as soon as it was over, the next 20 hours is all about Russian spies.”

Wallace then hit him hard, “But you don’t get to tell us what to do Reince. You don’t get to tell us what to do any more than Barack Obama did.”

Wallace admitted that former Pres. Obama “whined” about Fox News, but he never took things as far as Trump and told the American people the media is the enemy.

Priebus concluded:

“I think you should be concerned about mainstream news outlets that are acting like Washington daily gossip magazines. To accuse an organization of being in constant contact with Russian spies is outrageous. And everyday, it’s something different. It’s some other source that is absolutely untrue, instead of talking about the things that are going on.”

Watch their heated conversation below:

Do you believe the media or Trump?

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