Trump Refused To Do ONE THING Before Taking Office – JUST CAME BACK TO HAUNT HIM IN MAJOR WAY!

The Trump team is so wrapped up in drama and different breaking scandals, it makes one wonder if they actually get any work done.  Kellyanne Conway has proven she is the Trump regime’s hairless pet chihuahua who drags around her cell phone like her favorite bone.  Her picture sitting on the couch recently in the Oval Office proves that.

As for Trump, no president before him has used Twitter like he does.  Yes, Twitter is still fairly new, but Trump is so unprofessional it’s laughable.  His entire team follows suit, but do you know why?  This is the real kicker.

According to Politico, the entire Trump administration refused to take any form of ethics training before entering the White House.  It’s basically a bunch of big kids who were never taught how to properly sit and eat at the dinner table.  Knowing this should give everyone a better idea of what they’re dealing with in the White House.

Both George W. Bush’s and Obama’s administrations went through comprehensive ethics training before running the most powerful country in the world.  What the American people are dealing with now is a living, breathing reality TV show, but sadly these people are supposed to be driving the car.

How long will it be before the car crashes?  And how bad will it be?

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