Here Are The SIX Trump Supporting Brands That You Should Avoid

Most people don’t realize it, but they are buying popular brands that put money right into Donald Trump’s pockets. This list is of the utmost importance to stop Trump in his tracks. If everyone stops buying these brands starting now, Trump can and will be stopped!

1.) Welch’s Juice Varieties

Welch’s advertises on Trump’s show The Apprentice. If you buy this brand, you are essentially supporting Trump and adding more gold to his Scrooge McDuck size safe.

2.) Universal Studios Hollywood

That’s right! Universal Studios, the beloved place everyone likes to take their families, is another advertise on Trump’s The Apprentice. Trump may no longer host the show, but he is still an executive producer.

3.) Trident Gum

Who could have thunk it? One of the most popular gum brands in the world is another advertiser on the show Trump made famous. It’s time to start chewing a different brand.

4.) Millercoors

Oh no! One of the best beers in America, Coors Light, supports Trump! The CEO of Millercoors made it a point to raise funds to get Trump into office. Bud Light time!


The CEO of Forbes is another HUGE Trump supporter. If you’re a fan of, that relationship ends right now!

6.) Sears

Did you know the home products Sears sells are made by Trump? Sears also sells Ivanka’s shoe line. Sears is a place everyone needs to steer clear of starting now!

Spread this list to everyone! The fight to end Trump starts with taking money out of his pockets!