THIS IS EVERY AMERICAN’S DREAM – Steve Bannon Just Got TERRIBLE News About Fraud Investigation …

Well Steve Bannon’s tough month just got even worse. It’s time for this man to step down, and take the entire Trump administration with him! Spread this everywhere so America sees this man’s true colors…

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Trump’s team of unqualified, corrupt individuals is a complete disgrace to the White House.  The leader of the pack is Trump’s chief strategist and conspiracy theory junkie, Steven Bannon.

Bannon’s latest despicable act now has him under criminal investigation.  The Washington Post broke the story, reporting that the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office for voter fraud caught him illegally registering to vote at his ex-wife’s home.  The problem is Bannon doesn’t live there; he claims to live there to avoid paying state income tax to California.

The Washington Post reported:

The Post found that Bannon left a negligible footprint in Florida. He did not get a Florida driver’s license or register a car in the state. He never voted in Florida, and neighbors near two homes he leased in Miami said they never saw him. His rent and utility bills were sent to his business manager in California. Bannon’s former wife occupied the premises, according to a landlord and neighbors. At the same time Bannon said he was living with his ex-wife, she was under investigation for involvement in a plot to smuggle drugs and a cellphone into a Miami jail, a law enforcement document obtained by The Post shows.”

The report continued:

“Under Florida law, it is a third-degree felony to provide false information on a voter registration application. It is punishable by up to five years in prison. First-time offenders are rarely given more than probation, something that could also lead to the loss of a security clearance. Criminal activity creates doubt about a person’s judgment, reliability and trustworthiness. By its very nature, it calls into question a person’s ability or willingness to comply with laws, rules and regulations.”

Do you think Bannon will be charged or let off the hook?

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