Sean Spicer ATTACKS Jim Acosta, INSTANTLY Regrets It

Press Secretary Sean Spicer has become the media’s pin cushion for Trump’s wrongdoings.  Since Trump won’t talk to them, Spicer has to deal with all the difficult questions and do his best to survive each and every press conference.

During a recent press conference, Spicer actually tried to convince people that TrumpCare will grant every American health care when it’s already been proven that 24 million Americans would lose their coverage.

Acosta hit Spicer with a blow to the mouth saying millions of people will lose their coverage under TrumpCare.  Spicer retaliated saying, “If they actually had choices and had a plan option that was down at a budget they could afford, there is a higher likelihood that they would buy a plan. In a third of the counties right now there is only one plan.”

Acosta fired back, “That’s a good talking point, but at least there is coverage in those states. If you pull this away then you’re going to have people in a lot of states who aren’t going to have access to any coverage because they can’t afford it with these tax credits you’re providing. There is an argument to the other side. The [existing] subsidies are more generous.”

Spicer lost his cool and exclaimed, “Government-run, government-mandated health care has actually gone amok!”

Acosta calmly stated, “What’s wrong with government-run health care? Medicare is government-run health care. I don’t see citizens screaming that they want you to get rid of their Medicare.”

Spicer gave one last nutty response, “Maybe get outside and talk to some of them. More and more Medicaid recipients — in fact, more and more Medicare recipients aren’t actually able to get coverage. The president’s goal is to provide health care coverage to every American. And right now, they’re not getting that… To make this look like a choice, there isn’t really a choice. The system that we have now is failing. The choices is whether we give them an opportunity to have real care.”

Watch Spicer flip out below:

Do you believe a word Spicer said?

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