Watch Seth Meyers PULVERIZE “Low-Life” Trump in EPIC Fashion, He Wasn’t Playing Around This Week

Seth Meyers always does a good job of dicing up Trump, but this week he took it up a notch.  Like everyone else in the country, Meyers is disgusted by Trump’s new budget cuts to programs designed to help the needy.

Trump plans to cut funding to the EPA, Meals on Wheels, and the National Endowment of the Arts.  Art?  Who in their right mind attacks art?  Or better yet, who steals food from the old and sick?  Trump, that’s who.

Meyers pointed out that “drastic cuts” is another way of saying Trump is “removing any federal funding for these programs completely.”

Meyers exclaimed:

“Old people voted for you! Your key demographics were old people and older people.”

Great point, Seth!  This is yet another instance of Donald turning his back on the people who voted for him.  No wonder his approval rating is plummeting.

Meyers also called him a low-life and ridiculed his relationship with the First Lady.

Watch Meyers in action below:

What do you think Trump’s real motives are for making these budget cuts?

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