BREAKING: President Obama Is Set To RETURN – And Trump Is FURIOUS!

Just months after departing from politics, Barack Obama is apparently preparing for his return!

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According to Attorney General Eric Holder, the former President is “ready to roll”.

Politico reports Mr Holder said he is discussing with the former President the ways in which he can help the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, such as fundraising and interacting with state legislators.

The NDRC was set up by the Democrats to prepare for the changes in 2021 that will see US states redraw their Congressional and state legislative lines. The group states that it intends to “fight back and produce fairer maps” in the redistricting process.

Mr Holder told reporters who attended a briefing about the group that the former president will be a “more visible part of the effort”.

“It’s coming. He’s coming,” he said, “and he’s ready to roll”.

Mr Holder, who is a friend of the former president, became the chair of the newly formed NDRC before Mr Obama left office earlier this year. At the time, Mr Holder told the New York Times that fighting Republican gerrymandering would a “primary concern” for Mr Obama after his presidency.