When it comes to political prowess, a Trump is no match for a Kennedy.  On St. Patrick’s Day, former President John F. Kennedy’s nephew, Joseph P. Kennedy III, delivered a moving speech from the congress floor.  He rose above Trump to defend immigrants in a nation full of immigrants built by immigrants.

He used the theme of St. Patrick’s Day to tell the story of a family he’s come to know who “left the poverty of their native land for the ‘land of opportunity.'”  And when they arrived, people attacked them and ridiculed them because of their accent and religion.

Kennedy said:

“Now, Mr. Speaker, I’m sure that there are ‘Garcias,’ or ‘Asgardis,’ or ‘Rodriguezes’ who share that same story, but the one I tell is not theirs. This family’s name is Kennedy.”

He went on to destroy Trump and his anti-immigration policies saying, “we face a threat unlike almost any other we’ve seen in recent history: A president who has built an entire campaign, and now an administration, on scapegoating immigrant families.”

Kennedy finished by referencing his grandfather, former Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy:

“The opposition that he and other advocates faced half a century ago sound eerily familiar to so many of us today. ‘Immigrants who will flood our cities and towns, they will take American jobs. They will poison American culture. They aren’t from here. They aren’t like us. They are somebody else’s babies.’  50 years later, the opposition still hasn’t updated their talking points.

Watch his touching speech below:

Did his speech give you the goosebumps?  If so, that’s what being American is all about.

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