BREAKING NEWS: Palm Beach Just Slammed the Door on Trump, Does This Mean No More Mar-a-Lago?

Trump could be facing some heartbreak if his weekly trips to Mar-a-Lago get cut off.  Everyone already knows his weekly vacations to Mar-a-Lago cost taxpayers $3 million a pop, but not everybody knows how much it costs the City of Palm Beach.  They are getting financially destroyed by Trump and making some new demands in response.

During Trump’s trips, the city gets flooded with security which causes small businesses to lose sales.  Overtime pay for the Sheriff runs $60,000 per day!

In only 50 days, Trump racked up a $1 million total bill in Palm Beach County.

Now officials in the county are seeking government relief and refunds for all of the unforeseen costs.  If put into perspective, Trump’s trips cost the entire nation $3 million per visit.  Now imagine one small county in Florida having to pay $1 million extra with more costs to come.

Right now, local taxpayers will have to pay more or face cuts until the federal government pays them back – if they decide to.

Read an excerpt from Fortune:

“It will either be cuts or increase in taxes,” Burdick told the network. Palm Beach’s sheriff’s department told CNN that it costs roughly $60,000 in overtime per day when the president is in town, even with a Secret Service detail. CBS reports, based off figures from a similar trip by former President Barack Obama, that Trump’s first three visits to Mar-a-Lago cost about $10 million in total.

Did you realize how much Trump’s visits cost Palm Beach?

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