BREAKING: Trump Just Received TRAGIC News After Hiding His Debts From The American Public

An attorney from Washington, DC, has filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump in federal court over lying to the American public in his 2016 financial disclosure statement.

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The complaint alleges that Trump intermingled his personal debts with loans he made to businesses or development projects. According to Politico, Trump or his businesses are facing at least four lawsuits alleging unfair competition or violations of the Constitution’s foreign emoluments clause.

Several of Trump’s largest reported loans are from a division of Deutsche Bank, a large German bank.

This suit, however, is different: it says the American public is being deceived by Trump by being deprived of truthful information about his debts. According to the complaint:

The purpose of these disclosure requirements is to allow members of the public to make informed judgments as to whether candidates for federal office have financial conflicts of interests that may impair their ability to faithfully execute their duties as public servants.

The attorney, Jeffrey Lovitky, says he has evidence that the personal liabilities listed in Trump’s disclosure statement are in fact business liabilities. He’s seeking the federal court to declare that disclosure statement  ILLEGAL, and to force Trump to file a new disclosure.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment on the lawsuit, and the Trump Organization declined to comment as well. What a surprise.

Should Trump be forced to be completely transparent about his finances with the American public?

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