Bad News for Taxpayers! Don Jr. and Eric Are Following Their Father’s Lead – Guess How Much It Will Cost…

Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump are about to follow their father’s lead and spend a ton of taxpayer dollars to conduct their own personal affairs.

According to CBS, United States taxpayers will cover the travel bill for Eric Trump’s visit to Ireland to promote the Trump Doonbeg golf course.  Accommodations for the Secret Service will cost $11,261, and Eric’s personal limo will cost $4,030.

Additional costs for airfare, travel, meals, and Secret Service salaries will all fall into taxpayers’ laps.

This is a real slap in the face to Americans since citizens are already paying to protect Melania Trump in Trump Tower, Trump’s weekly vacations to Mar-a-Lago, and the tab for 100 Secret Service agents to babysit the Trumps in Aspen.

Eric Trump spoke about his father’s feelings saying Donald “is a guy who loves this property, he loves Ireland, he loves everything about it and he is stuck with the most difficult job in the world.”  More like Americans are stuck with him being president.

Are you disgusted knowing you are paying for the Trump kids to vacation and promote their businesses?

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