Trump Just ATTACKED The Democrat In Georgia’s Special Election. His Comeback To Trump Is EPIC! [READ MORE]

In his latest flurry of Twitter lies, President Trump made the mistake of going after Georgia House candidate, Jon Ossoff, a Democrat who has stunned the political establishment by leading polls by double digits in a Republican leaning district.

With Ossoff continuing to build momentum for tomorrow’s election, Trump targeted the rising Democratic star with a nonsensical attack:

Shortly after the Tweeter-in-Chief shot off his mouth, however, Guardian political reporter, Ben Jacobs sent out a screenshot of Ossoff’s classy response:


Misspellings and poor grammar aside (“Congressioal” this time), Trump continues to be proficient at insulting his political opponents and the press. However, 90 days into his presidency, even Trump’s supporters are growing tired of waiting for him to put down his cellphone and golf clubs so he can make a priority of America’s working families.

In Ossoff, they have found a public servant totally committed to the well-being of the American people, and Trump’s juvenile Twitter tantrum’s are only bringing the contrast into sharper focus.

Even in the Republican stronghold of Georgia, Trump’s supporters are taking note and giving Jon Ossoff an excellent chance of sending Trump a strong, new Congressional adversary.