White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer says he isn’t losing any sleep over Melissa McCarthy’s acerbic impressions of him on Saturday Night Live.

Speaking to CNN’s Jim Acosta at the White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday, Spicer was asked about McCarthy’s skits but said he rarely watches SNLbecause it’s on past his bedtime.

“I’m usually fast asleep by the time that comes on,” Spicer said. “I’m in bed, get up, go to church next day, and look ahead.”

Spicer’s penchant for gaffes and combative relationship with the press have provided ample fodder for SNL, and McCarthy’s withering portrayals of him — three and counting — have drawn widespread praise.

After McCarthy’s Spicer debut in February, the press secretary said he found the episode “funny,” though he felt McCarthy “could dial back” her impersonation. His boss, a frequent SNL critic, was reportedly less amused. According to Politico, President Trump was irked that Spicer looked “weak” in the sketch and was portrayed by a woman.

In any case, Spicer may want to tuck in extra early May 13, when McCarthy is slated to host Saturday Night Live.