Top Democrats Demanding The FBI Preserve All Trump Russia Investigation Materials Be Preserved

The GOP underestimated the Democrats’ retaliation to the firing of James Comey.  Mitch McConnell and AG Sessions plan to shut down any additional investigations into Trump-Russia while taking over control of the ongoing investigations.

Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee aren’t going to let the GOP protect Trump so easily.  They demanded that all materials relating to the FBI’s investigation into Trump-Russia and James Comey’s firing be preserved.

They also want to make sure those files don’t land in Jeff Sessions’ lap.

Read The Hill report below:

In light of today’s shocking decision by the President to fire FBI Director Comey, it is imperative that you take several immediate steps to protect the integrity of your investigations into Russian efforts to influence our recent election and related matters,” the Democrats wrote in a letter.

They asked that all materials related to “the Department’s and FBI’s criminal investigation into matters related to Russian interference in our federal elections; collusion with individuals associated with the Trump campaign; and associated matters” be saved and off limits to White House officials or associates.

The letter specifically named Attorney General Jeff Sessions as someone the documents should be protected from, citing his recusal from the Russia probe.

Additionally, Democrats demand that any Trump interference with the FBI’s investigation stop now:

Our request is even more important given that a series of White House efforts to influence the investigation and the media coverage of it have made it clear that the Trump administration cannot be allowed to interfere any further in this investigation.

This includes White House efforts asking the FBI to ‘knock down’ White House-Russia stories earlier this year; separate efforts by the White House to leak information to Rep. Nunes so that he could seek to justify President Trump’s unfounded accusations that President Obama “tapped” his phones; as well as the President’s decision to fire Preet Bharara the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, who had jurisdiction over investigations involving trump Tower, even after the President promised Mr. Bahara he could keep his job.  Unfortunately, we are also concerned about the continued involvement of the Attorney General in these issues, including his role in firing Director Comey.

Do you think they will succeed?

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