Stephen Colbert Speaks Out Against Trump In Takedown Yet! [Watch Here]

Stephen Colbert doesn’t feel threatened at all by Trump.  After Colbert’s controversial Putin-Trump joke last week, the Trump administration attempted to bully him into shutting his mouth.  Well, it didn’t work.

Colbert called the firing of Comey “historically unprecedented, with one possible exception.”  He then aired a montage comparing Trump’s recent actions to former President Richard Nixon’s during the Saturday Night Massacre.

Colbert said, “Yes, listen closely children, and you can hear the echoes of Watergate: ‘I am not a crook, -ook, -ook, -ook, -ook.'”

Then he asked, “Hey, you know who else was shocked?”

“Donald Trump. Because both sides of the aisle have been mad at Comey over the years, White House officials believed Comey’s firing would be a win-win,” Colbert said.

Colbert continued, “Now, the president knows eventually all of his critics will come around.”

Trump sent a tweet predicting that both sides will thank him later.  Colbert finished, “Alright, how should we thank him? We should get him get him something special. How about a special prosecutor?”

Watch the full clip below:

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