Watch Trump Storm Off to Air Force One After Disastrous Press Conference, Where’s the Fire?

Trump wasted no time rushing to Marine One en route to Air Force One after his outrageous joint presser with the Romanian President.  He was in a huge rush to fly over to his “Summer White House” in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Deputy WH Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders claimed that Trump will be having a “working weekend” in Bedminster.  This is code talk for he’ll be golfing, tweeting, and eating burnt steaks.

During Trump’s press conference, he was visibly annoyed by the aftermath of the Comey testimony.  He said that he feels vindicated, however, one reporter asked him why he feels vindicated if it boils down to his word against Comey’s?

The same reporter asked him about the “tapes,” and Donald refused to comment.  Congress demands to know if there are recordings of Trump’s conversations with James Comey to prove once and for all what was said between the two men.

According to Jim Acosta, “CNN was placed away from the other TV networks in the equivalent of Siberia (no pun intended) at today’s news conference.”

“Typically, all U.S. TV networks are grouped in same area during news conferences. CNN was placed well off to the side, behind Romanian press”

Trump must have felt the need to put CNN in timeout.

This weekend marks Trump’s 24th trip to one of his own golf courses since becoming president:

Trump once claimed the country saves money when he vacations at Bedminster:

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