No One Noticed the Sneaky Trap Comey Set for Trump During His Testimony

Donald Trump had threatened to live-tweet during the Comey testimony because he wanted to deny everything Comey said in real-time.  Instead, he thought better of it after most likely being advised by his lawyers to leave it alone.

However, it didn’t take him long to hop back on Twitter after a two-day absence.  Comey, being the smart guy he is, predicted Trump’s Twitter tantrum before it happened.

Trump sent the tweets below:

It looks like a standard Trump attack, right?  Well, here’s the big problem.  Trump said he feels “vindicated,” yet Comey told “so many false statements and lies.”  How can someone he just trashed for being a liar and a leaker prove his innocence?  It makes no sense at all.

Now, watch the clip below.  Comey already knew ahead of time what Trump would say and do in response to his testimony.

Yes, it is Comey’s word against Trump’s word, but look at their history.  Trump is a known liar, and Comey is a man who wouldn’t have had a career without honesty deeply ingrained into his character.

Comey knew that Trump’s Twitter habit would come back to bite him.

Who do you believe?

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