Donald Trump Ruins 250 Children’s Summer Plans All Because He Can’t Stand Staying at the Dumpy White House

Donald Trump’s vacation habit has more negative consequences than most Americans realize.  He hurts local businesses around his properties, especially regional airports due to the airway restrictions put in place while Trump is in the vicinity.  He hogs the Coast Guard, which reduces the Guard’s ability to protect our shores, and the list goes on.

Trump is currently enjoying a 17-day vacation at his Bedminster, NJ golf club, and 250 children are suffering because of it.  The Tamarack Day Camp in Randolph, NJ had to cancel its big surprise for the kids this summer.

The camp had carefully planned a skydiving display for the children’s color war “break.”  The camp had hired four skydivers dressed as superheroes for the exhibition.  The superheroes would then swoop down to save the children from bikers driving through the camp.  However, none of that will happen now.

The Secret Service denied clearance for the plane needed to carry out the spectacle.  The camp’s assistant director, Jessica Grannum, said, “This morning, we had the FAA clearance, the sky divers were ready on the plane and then the Secret Service shut us down for the no-fly zone. Which was really sad. We had 250 kids on the ground waiting for this to happen. We were shocked and disappointed. We felt really let down.”

She added, “The FAA was fighting for us, but the Secret Service wouldn’t even listen.”

In the end, the skydiving company, Skydive Sussex, lost time and money all thanks to Donald Trump’s incessant vacationing.  Not to mention, the disappointed children who were waiting to see the show.

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