BREAKING: Attorney General Jeff Sessions Just Released Devastating Statement, What A BETRAYAL!

In a reverse course from the Obama Administration, the Justice Department is no longer opposing Texas’ draconian voter ID laws and has endorsed efforts to make class action lawsuits against election authorities harder to file.

Most recently, the Department of Justice has endorsed the efforts of Ohio lawmakers to purge voters from the rolls if the skip voting in an election.

Wisconsin has had Voter ID laws on the books for several years now, but it has come under scrutiny by a federal judge. Last year, in North Carolina, the Fourth District Court of Appeals stuck down that state’s Voter ID Law, citing that the law targeted “African-Americans with an almost surgical precision”.

Ohio’s voter purges are of particular concern, because between 2011-2016 the state removed some 2 million people from the rolls, mostly from Democratic learning districts. This is in spite of voter Purges being illegal under the 1993 National Voter Registration Act.

The Department of Justice under Jeff Sessions seems to be moving back to Jim Crow days. Shame on Sessions