President Trump Caught Stealing American Jobs in Florida Using the Shadiest Trick Possible, Meet the REAL President!

President Trump sells Americans on his so-called “America first” mentality.  He wants more products to be manufactured in America, and he claims that he wants to save American jobs.  Donald’s anti-immigration policies have already led to millions of dollars worth of crops rotting in California because farmers can’t find immigrants to pick their produce.  Deporting immigrants is Trump’s idea of saving American jobs.

However, Trump himself doesn’t practice what he preaches.  Trump recently bought two ad spaces in the Palm Beach Post to advertise jobs at his Mar-a-Lago Resort.  The ads ran twice toward the end of July.

The ad offered one phone number to potential employees — a phony fax number.  Anyone who called the number heard this message: “’I’m sorry, no one is available to take your call. Thank you for calling. Goodbye.”

Here’s the scheme….

According to the Washington Post, the hospitality industry regularly using this tactic to hire foreign workers at a cheaper cost.  Trump followed a federal law requiring companies to first offer jobs to American citizens before seeking foreign labor.

“Made in America” President Trump met the bare minimum requirement of placing two ads with a phony phone number to allow for him to hire foreign workers.  Meet the REAL president — a conman who is only in it for himself.

So go ahead Trump supporters, keep on supporting a guy who will tell you what you want to hear then bend you over when you’re not looking.

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