Married Trump Staffer Gloats Over Birth of Illegitimate Child Conceived with Trump Transition Adviser

The repugnance in the Trump administration never ceases to amaze.  The New York Post just ran a story involving a former White House aide and his Trump transition adviser mistress.

The former Trump aide, Jason Miller, spoke with the NY Post and said that he and his wife are excited for the birth of Miller’s illegitimate son, William.  Miller slept with former Trump campaign senior adviser, A.J. Delgado.

Miller told the Post:

“My wife and I, along with our two daughters, are excited to welcome William into the world and into our family, and we appreciate the well wishes we’ve received from so many.”

In December, Miller presumed the tumultuous role of White House Communications Director before quitting only two days later, citing that his family was his “top priority.”

Miller’s wife also gave birth to a daughter in January, meaning Miller is juggling newborn babies with two different women.

Delgado announced the birth of her son in a tweet:

“Dear friends: Beyond thrilled to share with you that I’m now the proud mother of a beautiful son (!), William!!! Born 7/10”

Two days later, Delgado attacked the credibility of the Post’s Page Six article in a series of tweets:

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