Nordstrom Dropped Ivanka’s Clothing Line, So Now Daddy’s Little Girl Is Opening a Boutique IN TRUMP TOWER!

The first daughter may have gotten her nose out of joint in February when Nordstrom decided to drop her clothing line, because she immediately ran home to Daddy.

It wasn’t just Nordstrom, of course. As Newsweek notes, the Ivanka brand has been a target since her father took office in January, with some stores refusing to sell her merchandise because of her association with her father’s administration. Others were more concerned over the news that most of her products are made overseas, which stands starkly at odds with her father’s pledge to manufacture at home with his “Buy American, Hire American” slogan.

Indeed, a report on the conditions of one factory in China that made clothes for Ivanka Trump’s fashion line highlighted poor conditions and low pay, with employees earning just $62 for a 60-hour week, according to The Washington Post.

The president lashed out at Nordstrom after it announced in February it would be dropping his daughter’s line, taking to Twitter to deride the company’s decision:

But Ivanka no longer has to worry that retailers don’t want to sell her clothes, because she has her very own store opening up in Trump Tower. It’s slated to open this fall.

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