Democrats are about to Drop a BOMBSHELL Detailing Trump’s Abuse Of the Secret Service

A number of congressional Democrats have requested the internal affairs investigator of the Department of Homeland Security to report on the amount the Secret Service is spending to secure President Donald Trump’s private real-estate and whether or not it is in within the allocated legal limit.

Reports have come in that the Secret Service was struggling to stick to it’s budget due to the unusual circumstances surrounding the President and his family. The director of the Secret Service has said that he cannot pay hundreds of agents because they have already met their overtime pay limits.

President Trump requires agents at several of his properties which he frequents, including Mar-A-Lago in Florida and Bedminster in New Jersey. What’s more, his large and active family also require unusually large security detail.

There is also speculation that the Secret Service is violating federal laws by essentially working as private security guards and securing Trump’s land holdings across the country.

The Presidential Protection Assistance Act of 1976 rules that presidents can only designate one private property to be fully secured by the Secret Service, and that spending on security for additional properties cannot exceed $200,000. This abuse of taxpayers’ money is about to bust wide open.

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