Michelle Obama Viciously Attacked By Conservatives

Not long after dropping her daughter off at Harvard, Michelle Obama was spotted enjoying herself on a yacht in Mallorca, Spain. There to visit friends Michael Smith and partner, James Costos, Michelle dressed casually in a gorgeous printed wrap skirt that made paparazzi go wild.

In one of the photos taken, Michelle’s upper thigh was exposed. For many American women, it was empowering to see, but when conservatives saw the photo, they freaked out, taking to the internet to slam the former first lady. Their words were filled with hate, racism, and sexism.

Of Michelle Obama’s appearance, conservatives said:

In a world where women still fight for their rights, conservatives continue their hypocritical attack on those who do not look or dress “appropriately.” Any flash of skin or hint of embracing one’s own body and they’re the first to jump on the verbal assault train.

They are also often the same people who have lewd photographs of themselves floating around for anyone to see.

Interestingly, many of those kicking up a fuss are women who consider Michelle’s flash of the hip equivalent to being a street hooker or sleazy stripper. Ironically, Melania Trump has full nude photographs floating around the internet.

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