Red Cross Collects Hundreds of Millions in Donations, And This Is What They Feed Hurricane Victims?!? [Photos]

When people give money to the Red Cross, they like to think that every cent will go toward the cause they are supporting.

Hurricane Harvey ripped through Texas, leaving thousands of people stranded without homes due to the catastrophic flooding.  Over the weekend, Hurrican Irma tore through Florida causing flooding and tornadoes.

Red Cross is one of the leading suppliers of assistance to hurricane victims.  Despite collecting hundreds of millions of dollars, Red Cross doesn’t seem to have enough coin to give storm victims a decent meal.

Check out the photo below:

The Red Cross is handing out bits of raw cauliflower and ham with no bread.  Hundreds of millions of dollars should be enough to ship in some proper food from the surrounding areas.

According to the Red Cross, 91% of donations go toward victims, but this is a lie.  Houston City Councilman Dave Martin stated, “I beg you not to send them a penny. They are the most inept unorganized organization I’ve ever experienced.”

He added, “Don’t waste your money. Give it to another cause.”

Remember the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010?  Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) released a study showing that the Red Cross only spent one-fourth of donations on hurricane relief.

Think twice before opening your wallet for the Red Cross!

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