Video Footage of a Russian Politician Admitting Russia Elected Trump Just Set the Internet Fire, Watch It Here Before It Disappears! [Video]

Well, the cat is already out of the bag in Russia.  Trump will have his work cut out for him if he wants people to believe that this is “Fakes News.”

Trump and his lackeys have successfully brainwashed Trump supporters into believing that the Russia investigation is a hoax manufactured by liberals to oust the president.  However, anyone with a brain knows that Russia is real.

The Russian show Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyov recently welcomed Russian politician Vyacheslav Nikonov as a guest.  During the broadcast, Nikonov freely admitted that Russia stole the election.

Nikonov stated, “The U.S. overshot. Their intelligence services all slept through Russia electing the U.S. President.”

Even the host of the show was taken back and chose his words carefully following Nikonov’s statement.  The host asked, “What kind of intelligence service is that?”

Special counsel Robert Mueller is working carefully in the background to conclude his Russia investigation.  Trump continues to use diversion tactics to move the public eye away from Russia, but he will eventually have to answer to Mueller.

Watch Rachel Maddow report on the Russian politician’s remark below:

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