What Do Americans Truly Think Of Trump? FOX News Ran A Poll To Find Out, And The Results Are Disturbing! [DETAILS]

Fox News Report ran a poll this week to gather a consensus of what Americans thought of their president, Donald Trump. Their poll found the majority of Americans do not believe Trump should be president.

While a low percent of Americans felt Trump is going “very” or “extremely” well in his job, 73% consider him a pushy bully who is not doing well at all. Forty-three percent of voters labeled the president as moderate to severely unstable while only sixteen percent felt he was not too unstable to be in a leadership role.

Out of all Americans who participated in the poll, only 25% felt he was a “leader” or seemed “presidential”. 26% were likely to call him “compassionate” and “emphatic” but the remaining percentages said they would never use these words to describe Trump.

What does this poll tell us? For starters, while there are those who clearly support the president and consider him knowledgeable, honest, compassionate, and a good leader, the overwhelming majority do not share these beliefs. The majority of Americans think Trump is an unstable, dishonest outsiders who bullies others frequent and is not presidential material.

It means Trump is not nearly as popular as he believes himself to be and that, although there are those who support him, the majority of the U.S does not support his agendas. Check out the poll results below:

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