BREAKING: Trump Administration Exposed for Lying About Death Toll in Puerto Rico

When Trump visited Puerto Rico, he bragged about the small number of deaths caused by Hurricane Maria compared to a “real catastrophe” like Hurricane Katrina.  The government death tally currently stands a 39, which is roughly double what Trump claimed when he appeared on the island.

Buzzfeed News visited funeral homes in Puerto Rico and found that there are a lot more deaths than what the Department of Public Safety reported.

Check out the number of bodies received by several funeral homes in Puerto Rico:

  • Utuado – funeral directors reported 25 bodies
  • San Juan – Villa Nevarez funeral home received 20 bodies
  • Buxeda funeral home reported 50 bodies
  • A separate San Juan funeral home said it reached capacity

There are sixty-six hospitals in Puerto Rico, and only thirty-three currently have power.  Stress from the storm is also a common cause of fatal heart attacks:

“Absolutely, these numbers should be counted, because stress is a known factor for heart attacks. There’s no way I can say definitively that that’s the cause in each case but there have been so many studies that have looked at high-stress situations in general and heart attacks and it has been shown that there is a spike in heart attacks during these events.”

Trump has blatantly downplayed the severity of the storm and just wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on VP Mike Pence’s Sunday political stunt.

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