Eminem Just Hit Donald With A Knockout Punch For The Ages With This Anti-Trump Rap

A popular segment of the annual BET Hip Hop Awards is known as a “cypher.” In which, a bunch of popular artists freestyle into the camera, showcasing their lyrical skills.

Eminem, for years, has routinely dominated this segment with incredibly intricate, powerful punchlines about celebrities and current events.

Well, last night, might’ve been his best yet as he completely ripped into Trump and this whole 3-ring circus he calls an “Administration.” Check it out below:

If that doesn’t get you amped and proud to be an American – I don’t think anything will.

This is the Em of old. The one who knew it was his responsibility to keep free speech, not only alive but, contagious.

Donald Trump and his greedy, bigoted ways need to end. The American people are straight-up done with this dude – and they have been for awhile.

We can’t go another week, let alone years, of this egotistical tyrant in the White House.

While we know how Eminem (and everyone else) feels about Trump, it’s still yet to be seen if this orange, thin-skinned POTUS of ours will make a comment about this piece of lyrical brilliance we just witnessed.

Only time will tell.

Ball’s in your court, Donny Boy…

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