Racist Kentucky GOP Introduces Bill to Punish Women for Miscarriages

‘Family Values’ Republicans are doing everything in their power in the Trump era to strip women of their right to have an abortion.  This year, the GOP criminalized abortions in the second trimester or later, but for Rep. Dan Johnson of Kentucky that isn’t enough.

The so-called “pope” Dan Johnson who preaches at a “biker bar” church isn’t someone who should influence U.S. laws.  He’s a blatant racist, who recently called former President Barack Obama a chimpanzee on Facebook.

Johnson introduced a new bill that intends to ban all abortions, and in his proposal, the term abortion casts a wide net.  He wants to punish women who have miscarriages.

Dan Johnson’s fellow Republican, Idaho Sen. Dan Foreman, wants to make abortion a first-degree murder offense.

At the same time, Trump just lifted an Obamacare mandate that now gives business owners the ability to deny female employees birth control coverage.  If Republicans get their way, they are setting women up for disaster.

They want more women to get pregnant by taking away their birth control and then punish any woman who gets an abortion.

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