Sarah Huckabee Sanders Just Insulted America in the Most Disgusting Way Possible [Watch Here]

The way Trump administration mouthpieces Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kellyanne Conway lie to the American people is insulting.  All it takes is a quick fact check to prove them wrong, yet they continue to twist the president’s words into something Trump supporters are gullible enough to believe.

One of Trump’s many inaccurate statements is his claim that America is the “highest tax nation in the world.”  Several economic experts have already debunked Trump’s claim.

During the latest White House press briefing, reporters asked Sarah Huckabee Sanders to comment on the president’s remark.

She said, “We are the highest-taxed, corporate taxed, in the developed economy. That’s a fact.”

“That’s what he’s talking about. We are the highest corporate taxed country in the developed economies across the globe,” she added.

A reporter quickly fired back, saying that her statement didn’t align with the president’s actual words.

Huckabee responded, “It seems pretty consistent to me.”

Watch the clip below:

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