Alt-Right WH Staffer Stephen Miller’s Dark Past Just Came Back to Haunt Him, He’s Done!

One of the foulest creatures dwelling in the White House – who managed to survive the Charlottesville disaster – is alt-right Nazi Stephen Miller.

The Charles Montgomery Burns look-alike gained praise from former chief strategist Steve Bannon and President Trump when he proudly insulted CNN’s Jim Acosta over immigration during a White House press briefing.  He used the term “cosmopolitan” as a Nazi dog whistle to blast Acosta.

Even Miller’s family has disowned him for the most part on social media since rational people have evolved beyond racism.

A fresh New York Times report just exposed Miller’s misogynistic side.  In high school, Miller joined the final stretch of a race to protest women.

Via the NY Times:

Mr. Miller set off on a patriotic semi-striptease before the editor of the student newspaper, according to the editor, Ari Rosmarin, theatrically removing a button-down to reveal an American flag T-shirt in protest of an article he found inconsistent with the national interest. (The White House denied any symbolic unbuttoning, though officials confirmed Mr. Miller’s fondness for the T-shirt.)

He jumped, uninvited, into the final stretch of a girls’ track meet, apparently intent on proving his athletic supremacy over the opposite sex. (The White House, reaching for exculpatory context, noted that this was a girls’ team from another school, not his own.)

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