BREAKING: Democrats Just Hit Donald Trump With A KNOCKOUT Punch For The Ages

Donald Trump and his fledgling administration are sinking, and they’re sinking fast.

It seems to take these people forever to take action on anything, good or bad, and it’s really starting to frustrate the governing bodies in power.

Namely, the hardworking men and women of the Democratic party who demand this POTUS have more of a plan of action for the American people. They deserve at least that – a plan.

But no. Donald continues to drag his tiny little feet every step of the way. And the Dems latest beef with our Commander-In-Tweets is about his team’s lack of plan on how to tackle this country’s fleeting infrastructure.

While the Dems in Congress have pressed and pressed this current administration to work on this matter – they still have yet to come up with anything concrete.

This whole rebuilding effort was one of the main platforms that Donald ran on during his campaign. He even promised the American people that all of this would be taken care of during his first 100 days in office.

And, like everything else out of Trump’s tiny, puckered mouth – that was a lie, too.

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