JUST IN: Trump Begs Supporters for Money to Build His Border Wall in Outrageous Email

This new Trump act is incredibly sad and pathetic.  The so-called billionaire president is begging his supporters for money to build his beloved border wall.

One of the first controversial claims Trump made after entering the White House was that Mexico would pay for his wall.  The Mexican President canceled his visit to Washington after hearing Trump’s wacky claim.

Then, Trump threatened to shut down the government if Congress didn’t find a way to fund his border wall.  Companies are currently building prototypes of Trump’s wall in Southern California, and special guards are scanning the perimeter to keep out angry protesters.

In a ridiculous turn of events, Trump is now begging the same people he promised to give a wall for money to build it.

Check out the screenshot below:

Trump even reminded his troglodyte supporters that he is building a wall “not a FENCE” in hopes to rake in more cash.

The president is scrambling to accomplish something significant since his entire presidency thus far is built on failures and empty promises.  Instead of focusing on doing anything positive for the country, he engages in petty wars and creates divisiveness amongst Americans.

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