JUST IN: Trump Busted for Lying on Presidential Disclosure Form

One of the many reasons to impeach Trump and not trust him is his refusal to release his tax returns.  Trump claimed that the reason he couldn’t release his returns was an IRS audit, but the IRS has already given him the green light to release his returns.

Here’s one of the real reasons why Trump refuses to release his returns.  According to a new report, Trump valued one of his properties at “more than $50 million,” then his attorneys turned around and set the price tag at $1.35 million for tax purposes.  The property is Trump’s 147-acre National Golf Club in Westchester County, New York.

If Trump’s attorneys made the adjustment on purpose, which they obviously did, then Trump lied on his candidate disclosure form.

Considering Trump bought the property as a foreclosure for $8 million and put $45 million into its construction, the property is likely worth a lot more than $1.35 million.

Ossining, New York town supervisor, Dana Levenberg, said:

“Trump says he represents the little guy, but the little guy is going to have to pay his taxes for him here in Ossining.”

If Trump indeed is a billionaire, it’s easy to see how he got there.

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