Bill Clinton Says Trump Wants To Be In An Elite “Dictator’s Club”

Former President Bill Clinton appeared on stage with Conan O’Brien to discuss how much the United States has changed since his term in office in 1992. During his interview with O’Brien, Clinton suggested Trump desires to join a 21st Century elitist “Dictator’s club”.

“The country is much more diverse than it used to be, and I think that’s a good thing. We are still, compared to other countries, relatively young. And, having lost it, I can tell you: youth matters”.

Clinton added that, “We need immigrants to keep coming and diversifying the country.”

Clinton discussed Hilary’s run for election, describing those who voted for her as “hopeful for the future.” According to the former president, the United States is at a crossroads and must find common ground.

“Whether you’re conservative or liberal, you have to decide which is more important: our interesting difference or our common humanity? And that’s the conclusion I draw,” he told O’Brien.

It may be in former President Bill Clinton’s (and his wife’s) interest to help keep the Democratic party together for the next convention.

Then Clinton delivered a powerful message that resonated with the audience and reflected the current state of the administration, taking a subtle aim at Donald Trump.

“The Dictators Club in the world, they want two things. They want nuclear weapons, because they feel like they can never be dislodged no matter how much people hate them if they’ve got nuclear power. And they want to abolish the line between fact and fiction and truth and lie, ” he said. “because they figure if you don’t what’s true and you don’t think you could ever know, pretty soon, everybody will accept the fact that democracy’s no longer possible”.

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