JUST IN: Anti-Trump Protestor Tells Fox News Reporter To “F**k Off” During LIVE Interview

Fox News is the worst thing to happen to this country since reality television. Their incessant obedience to the Republican agenda is nauseating. Every single reporter on this pathetic excuse of a network is paid millions of dollars to spread the hateful rhetoric and dishonest polices of the GOP – without even batting an eye. Their blind acceptance of all things Republican does nothing but piss off the average American.

And they’re incredibly smug about their tactics, as well. Perhaps that’s what makes them so frustrating to deal with. Their just so stubborn in their ways, there’s, literally, no talking to them. And the level of insult and ridicule they’re constantly dishing out to anyone who disagrees with their point of view is atrocious, at best.

Fox News lacks class, though they claim to have all of it. Sound like anybody else you know? (*cough, cough* Donald Trump…) They claim to be fair and balanced but they are the antithesis of that slogan. Such bias was on nationwide display earlier this week when one of the Fox faithful left the studio to attend an anti-Trump protest.

The protest in question, “Scream At The Sky,” was a wildly popular event, in which people who disagreed with the election results from last year, vented their frustrations by, you guessed it, screaming at the sky. When this reporter showed up, he found the closest person he could find and started laying into him, like the piece of Fox sh*t he is.

After some pathetic questions, he asked if this man wanted “pacifier” – obviously, insultingly comparing him to a whining infant – to which the man calmly assessed the situation, looked the reporter in the eyes and told him to, “f**k off!” Our sentiments, exactly…

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